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My website is currently undergoing a redesign, but until then… hello! I’m Elle Osili, a presenter, journalist and creative communication consultant based in London and Brighton.


I initially began my career in politics – after studying the subject at university, I worked at the Conservative Party headquarters and on Boris Johnson’s mayoral campaign, before moving into journalism as the youngest holder of the Gareth Butler political post at the BBC.


After a freelance stint, during which my clients included Sky News, The Times, The Evening Standard and Channel 4, I founded the editorial and communication agency One Nine Six Media.  We produce London’s monthly magazine Capital, upcoming programme 3 Minute Politics and journalism recruitment site JournoJobs.


Outside of One Nine Six, I also accept freelance journalism commissions. In particular, as a trained presenter and broadcast journalist, I’m comfortable filming, scriptwriting and appearing on camera - whether that’s red carpet reporting for Channel 4, talking culture on BBC Breakfast or playing computer games with Stephen Fry!


In addition, I often take on select communication projects. From helping charities with their PR to media training camera-shy entrepreneurs, I’m always excited by a challenging brief, and particularly enjoy working on cultural and political outreach commissions.


Away from work, I’m a keen surfer, love Italy (I used to live in Rome) and am really behind on Breaking Bad.


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I currently work in London and Brighton. I'm also happy to travel further afield for short-term projects, both in the UK and abroad.


I occasionally need assistants for larger broadcast or communication projects. If you'd like to be considered when vacancies arise, please send your cv to:


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